Primary changes made:

  • Update all language to include LGBTQIA+
  • Expand introductory language from that listed below to the current drafted language (see blyaws for current language). Section 1 Recognizing that the Democratic parties of the United Sates and of Utah are committed to the principles for equal opportunity in participation of the LGBTQIA+ in the political process, of their fair representation at every level of party activity. We Democrats further organize the Stonewall Democrats of Utah Caucus, with the intention of advising said parties of the means by which their leaders can best fulfill these principles. Section 2 As Democrats, we seek a truly just society. We will individually and collectively work through the parties to achieve the eradication of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, leading toward the realization of a community in which social equity and a respect for individual dignity prevail. We pledge therefore, that consistent with the principles of the parties, we honor the constitution, bylaws, and applicable rules of the parties.
  • Added descriptions of executive committee/officer roles to reflect the work officers were already doing
  • Updated language to correctly reflect state party policies, including the process for appointing a representative to central committee; and removing references to specific sections and subsections of the state party constitution and bylaws, given the nature of these numberings to change.
  • Updated language to reflect current practice and policy regarding endorsing candidates for office.
  • Other updates included grammatical changes, creating consistency with language and tense, and rearranging sections to create an easier flow.